What Is the Average Radiologist Salary by State in 2023?

What Is the Average Radiologist Salary by State in 2021?

What Is the Average Radiologist Salary by State in 2023?

Radiology is another job in the medical field that pays well based on the nature of the work. It requires one to have some level of education in medicine before one can get a license to operate as a radiologist. It implies certification and licensing are two important requirements in radiology.

The function of radiologists is to diagnose patients through the use of medical imaging, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography, and many others. After a University education, there is a need for an internship to get more exposure to the radiology field, and it could be a specialized one in radiology such as pediatric/diagnostic radiology, oncology, and interventional radiology.

Different Types of Radiology

There is three primary radiology, and they are:

  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Radiation Oncology
  1. Diagnostic Radiology:

It is an aspect of radiology that involves imaging procedures to see the human body and is a better way to diagnose a patient’s condition. With the help of their interpretation of the resulting images, medical doctors can recommend the right treatment for the patient.

  1. Interventional Radiology:

Interventional radiology is another part of radiology that treats patients through image-guided with reduced invasive techniques like MRI and X-rays. The main aim is to treat target illnesses in the human body such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, uterine fibroids, etc. On the other hand, it is a better option than surgery because of its fast recovery time.

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  1. Radiation Oncology:

They are highly trained radiologists and get involved in the treatment plan of any cancer patient. Radiation therapy is one of the major ways in treating cancer, and they check up on the patients to ensure the right treatment is given to the patient with minimum side effects.

Comparison of Radiologist Salary

Some factors influence the difference in radiologists’ salaries but one major factor is the years of experience. For instance, there is no way a radiologist with two years of experience will earn higher compared to one with over four years. A radiologist with a minimum of two years of experience will receive $167,000/annum, while one with experience between two to five years gets $205,000.

Furthermore, a radiologist with five to ten years of experience gets $291,000/annum, while ten to fifteen years of experience receive the sum of $340,000 every year. Finally, $373,000 is for radiologists with over fifteen years of experience, and $395,000 for radiologists with twenty years of experience.

Average Yearly Salary of Radiologist by State in 2021

Alabama          $302,483

Alaska              $307,420

Arizona            $321,067

Arkansas          $266,982

California        $289,708

Connecticut     $317,897

Colorado         $284,029

Delaware        $282,908

Florida.            $291,907

Georgia           $309,720

Hawaii $323,762

Idaho               $271,230

Illinois              $265,535

Iowa                $290,482

Indiana            $319,009

Kansas $289,297

Kentucky          $291,483

Louisiana         $296,808

Maine              $270,149

Maryland        $302,643

Massachusetts            $331,186

Michigan         $266,471

Minnesota       $306,052

Mississippi       $271,080

Montana         $324,405

Nebraska         $297,598

Nevada            $305,000

New Hampshire $374,753

New Jersey      $319,199

New Mexico    $291,962

New York         $385,917

North Carolina $242,652

North Dakota  $306,204

Ohio                 $304,342

Oklahoma       $276,592

Oregon            $293,078

Pennsylvania   $333,665

Rhode Island   $311,000

South Carolina $284,752

South Dakota  $297,263

Tennessee       $306,579

Texas   $261,807

Utah    $299,114

Vermont          $289,693

Virginia           $293,696

Washington     $319,421

West Virginia  $335,286

Wisconsin        $307,094

Wyoming         $343,973


Radiology has different salaries depending on the radiologist’s years of experience. The number of experience is one of the deciding factors for anyone aiming to get a high salary per annum, and the right education should be taken to yield good profitability in the radiology field too.


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