Weekend Jobs in CapeTown for Students

Weekend Jobs in CapeTown for Students

Weekend Jobs in CapeTown for Students

There are so many weekend Jobs in Cape Town for students wanting to get money for miscellaneous expenses. These jobs are an avenue for students to get work experience, and increase their level of interaction amongst people. Everyone has their job interest relating to the kind of skill they possess.

The good thing about the job is they are flexible in the sense students can be available for them during the weekend, and still, get back to their normal school lectures. There are many students in Cape Town in a dilemma position in search of the job they would pick, and also give them the freedom to do other things.

Weekend Jobs in CapeTown for Students

Here are some jobs for students residing in CapeTown:

  1. Docker:

Are you living close to Seaport in places like Capetown or Durban? Being a docker is a weekend job for students to earn a living and support their education. The role of the job requires some form of explanation for students to carry out the job such as operating power tools, reporting malfunctioning equipment, operating motor engines, checking hydraulic pipes, and many others. An engineering or maritime student will find the job interesting because it is within their field.

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  1. Field Worker:

The level of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is increasing every day by day. Therefore, the need for field workers is necessary for different organizations such as hospitals, clinics, and many others. A student passionate about saving lives could be recruited to become a field worker. They help in the collection of data, questionnaires, and interviews with people living with HIV. Also, they create awareness to sensitize people to reduce the rate of transmission.

  1. Technical Support Agent:

If you can solve complex problems like a pro or troubleshoot, you can consider this post and gain more experience being part of their technical team. Telecommunication requires technical students to support them during the weekend since most of their workers won’t be available during this period. It is a good weekend Job for students to improve their experiences working with the latest technology.

  1. Customer Feedback Agent:

Working as a customer feedback agent for a company ensures you give the right information about the company on different channels. The major role of this agent is to improve the reputation of the company to its customers. It is required one to have strong communication skills to convey the right message to their client-based. Also, being a content writer is necessary to disseminate information using enriching tags to attract the right audience.

  1. Small Appliance Salesperson:

Big companies in South Africa are merchants selling either mechanical or electrical appliances in Capetown, and they might need salespeople attending to their buyers. It is another side hustle for students in this region to gain extra income and also boost their experience as salespeople. Marketing students can fit into this job and put their theoretical skills into action.


Weekend Jobs in Cape Town are present in diverse fields and it is left for students to choose the right one in line with their undergraduate program. The best way in getting these weekend jobs is through connecting with people via social media, making use of job boards, and many others.


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