Part-time Jobs for Students with no Experience in South Africa

Part-time Jobs for Students with no Experience in South Africa

 Part-time Jobs for Students with no Experience in South Africa

A part-time job in South Africa can be rewarding in the end because it enables them to fund their education and daily expenses. On the other hand, there are diverse reasons for students searching for a part-time job. There are still students using these part-time jobs to build their resumés and working experience.

In South Africa, students are in search of every means possible they can get adequate funds throughout their years of study. Getting a part-time job allows students to be all-rounded in life because they will learn how to take care of their finances, savings, and even budget for future purposes.

Here are some part-time jobs for students with no experience in South Africa:

  1. Waitress:

There are different restaurants or lounges in need of waitresses. Someone not conversant with the job might find it easier to adapt because they will be shown the work ethic or the role of being a waitress. Some benefits come alongside the job such as tips from customers. Tips are common in hospitality especially if a waiter or waitress has good character or attitude towards attending to customers.

  1. Babysitting:

It is another part-time job for students in South Africa with no experience. Although the job is not easy as people may think, there is a commitment level one should have in the job. It is one of the ways of making extra income because some parents are too busy to create time for their children. The industry is becoming more regulated because people are getting licenses to operate as babysitters.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Presently, we are in the era of information technology where a lot of things are done online through the use of social media. If you are good in this field, organizations are seeking social media marketers that can help them generate sales through the use of content strategies, developing brand awareness, sales funnels, etc.

  1. Public Relations:

Every company wants to have a good reputation with their clients or customers, and they might lack the right idea to do it. You can send the company a cold email, and you could be lucky to get the job. From there, your goal is to influence people’s opinions or behavior toward the company, and it implies creating a unique brand for the firm.

  1. Fitness Instructor:

Are you thrilled or passionate about fitness? you can teach people especially obese individuals are to lose weight. Also, you can form fitness groups or classes where people can register and be part of the classes. It is another effective way of having a part-time job in South Africa, and if you could get enough students you will be smiling at the bank every month.

  1. Freelancer:

Remote jobs are taking over the working space at the moment. The aftereffect of Covid-19 has made companies seeking for remote workers with digital skills that will lead to the growth of the company. There are other freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. The truth is anyone with a digital skills can become a freelancer in South Africa.

  1. Tutoring:

It is one of the easiest ways of making extra money by teaching people in their homes or classes. It could be on different things such as languages, courses, musical instruments, etc. If you are experienced in your field or career, you could charge more, and make a decent living for yourself in school.


Having a part-time job in South Africa with no experience as a student requires lots of commitment and dedication. Students need to be conscious about time management to keep them in check between their jobs and studies.


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