How to get UK Permanent Residency

How to get UK Permanent Residency

How to get UK Permanent Residency

Annually, individuals from all over the globe are relocating to the U.K. in the hopes of finding the desired job or pursuing a potential business opportunity. Presently, the U.K. is among the most popular locations to go for a comfortable livelihood since it provides an excellent opportunity to boost your skills while also immersing yourself in a vibrant different society.

In the domains of arts, sciences, economics, sports, and politics, voices from all around the UK are heard around the world. The process will necessitate patience as well as effort because of the lengthy wait, which averages 5 years, persistence and perseverance are required to complete the process. If you opt to fully migrate to the U.K., you will be rewarded with promising prospects.

Why Should You Considered Moving to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a mixed population. According to the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, around 14% of the population in the United Kingdom was born overseas. London is home to approximately 35% of the world’s ex-pats.

The healthcare system in the United Kingdom is also exceptional. The National Health Service (NHS) is provided for free to people and has been ranked as one of the best in the world in terms of value for money, safety, and efficiency. In addition, the United Kingdom has world-class research facilities, universities, and a competent education system.

Different Ways of Getting UK Permanent Residency

Having a permanent residency in the United Kingdom can be regarded as Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. The residency is essential if you are interested in working and living in the UK. Also, it is possible to obtain British Citizenship after staying there for 12 months. These are the different ways of getting UK permanent residency:

  1. You must reside for over 5 years or more:

It is one of the necessary factors that can get you considered to obtain UK permanent residency, but they are exceptions that come along with it. For instance, if you stay in the country using a Tier 2 ICT work visa you might not be deemed fit for the permanent residency that allows you to work and live in the UK.


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  1. You have a family member in the UK or a permanent resident:

If you have either a spouse, dependent relatives, or parents residing in the UK as a permanent resident, you could be considered for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. Also, the type of visa you have plays a vital role to become a permanent citizen in the UK after 2 years.

  1. UK Work Visa:

If you have a Tier 2 work visa for five consecutive years, you can apply for a UK permanent residency. It is compulsory to have a good financial statement of at least £25,600 each year, except for working in the healthcare sector or other occupations where they have a short supply in demand in the United Kingdom.

  1. By Birth:

It is the simplest way of getting UK permanent residency to work freely in the country without being disturbed by immigration officers. In time past, parents who gave birth to their child/children in the United Kingdom become their citizens automatically. Also, you can become a lawful citizen of the UK.


In the world, the UK permanent residency is one of the residencies that comes with lots of privileges in different sectors such as health, education, insurance, finance, and many others. There are diverse documents to ease the processing of this permanent residency, and you can visit any UK embassy for more inquiries.

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