Best Arts Colleges in South Korea for International Students

Best Arts Colleges in South Korea for International Students

Best Arts Colleges in South Korea for International Students

Korea is one of the East Asian countries recognized for its high technology and is rich in diverse cultures seen in its folk performances. It is the home for tech giants such as Hyundai and Samsung. As a result of their technological prowess, they have influenced the world with their music, fashion, delicacies, and many others.

Despite the political unrest in the country, they are still forced into other countries in terms of information technology. Also, they have notable establishments in medical tourism and medical technology. These diverse technologies, it has been incorporated into their art colleges to ensure students are getting the best academically, but there are questions that are likely to come across your mind, and we will see them.

Is South Korea a good place for International Students?

There are different students from various parts of the world pondering on either relocating to Korea for their studies or not. According to statistics, the country is among the most renowned study destinations in Asia. In the World University Ranking, Korean universities rank very high. International students interested in studying at Korean universities have study options. If you are from an Anglophone country, language won’t be a barrier, because most courses are taught in English.

International and domestic students pay the same tuition fee which falls within a certain range of USD 4,000 to 20,000. The South Korean government has made it simple for students to pursue their courses by offering research funds and scholarships to them. The cost of living in Korea is cheaper compared to other developed countries, such as inexpensive internet, affordable accommodation, cheaper mobile services, vibrant culture, etc.

Best Arts Colleges in South Korea for International Students

Any student wanting to enroll in any art course in South Korea must have a high school diploma before they can apply for an undergraduate program. Every South Korean university has its criteria that the applicants must possess, and you must have some level of proficiency in either English language or South Korean. Here they are:

  1. Seoul National University:

It is a national research institute located in Seoul which is the capital of South Korea. The World University Ranking System and Times Higher Education have considered the college one of the best art colleges in South Korea for international students. In Asia, it’s the best tenth school and 64th best in the globe.

The school has 15 colleges offering 83 undergraduate programs, and 12 graduate schools offering 99 postgraduate programs. You need to be exceptional to gain admission into the school because of the high number of students applying to be part of the college.

  1. Sungkyunkwan University:

The college was founded in 1398 with different courses in Chinese classics and Confucian Canon. Besides being the oldest college in entire East Asia, it is among the best institutions for students to enroll and study their dream courses with campuses in areas like Suwon and central Seoul.

They offer programs like Winter International Student Experience and International Summer Semester. Also, there is a global MBA that is being taught in the English language for foreigners from Anglophone countries to enroll in. Many international students are in this university offering one course or the other.

  1. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology:

In 1971, the college was founded as the first science research-oriented institution. It is situated in Daejeon and runs on an academic scheme implemented by two individuals Frederick German and Chung Geum-mo. It has 6 colleges that focus on Natural Sciences, Business, Liberal Arts, Engineering, etc.

Every year, the number of students applying for admission into the University is increasing rapidly, and the school uses different things, such as math grades, overall grades, recommendation letters, study plans, personal statements, etc. Foreign applicants have an acceptance rate of 13.2% which is lower compared to their foreign counterparts.

  1. Yonsei University:

The college is the Y in the South Korean renowned SKY universities and can trace its early phase to 1885. Initially, it was established in 1957 with the integration of the Severance Union Medical College and Yonhi College. The top universities in South Korea have undergraduate programs in different fields such as Business, Life Science, Nursing, Music, Education, Ecology, Dentistry, etc.

Also, they have other postgraduate degrees in courses like Communication, Journalism, Education, Public Administration, Economics, Social Welfare, Theology, Business Administration, etc. The acceptance rate for the school is under 5% and is more attainable compared to other South Korean colleges.

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  1. Korea University:

It is one of the top private institutions in the South Korean capital. It was established in 1905 and is the K in the acronym SKY which comprises the 3 of the most prestigious schools in the country. It is the first college in South Korea to offer courses like economics, law, and journalism.

They have 17 colleges and schools offering courses such as Health Science, Informatics, Nursing, Business, Liberal Arts, Political Science, Medicine, Mechatronics, Media & Communication. It is a highly selective school with an acceptance rate of above 5% for any student to study art-related courses.

  1. Pohang University of Science and Technology:

This private research college centers on science and technology courses. Although it was founded in 1986, Times Higher Education regarded it as one of the best colleges under 50. Getting admission into the school is quite challenging because of its competition. The school has expanded its foreign graduate student pool by using its full-tuition fellowships to accept foreign students.

  1. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology:

The institution pays more attention to science and technology research and was established in 2007 to meet the growing need for tertiary education in Ulsan which is an industrial city in the country. Although it is young, it is considered one of the top schools in South Korea. After ten years of being in existence, it was ranked between 201 to 250 in the World University Rankings.

The university has several Undergraduate courses in Engineering, Business Administration, Creative Design Engineering, Natural Science, Life Science, Innovation Management, Interdisciplinary Management, etc.


The best art colleges in South Korea for international students are numerous depending on the applicant’s choice. You can enroll in any of these colleges in South Korea, but you must have the necessary qualifications to fit in to be considered eligible for admission into the school. You can visit the website of school to get details on their admission process.


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